Savings without having to change your bank

November First’s payment platform gives all companies the opportunity to pay suppliers domestically and abroad while paying significantly lower fees and at better exchange rates. Payments can be executed directly from accounting systems and from our own portal. Both payments and postings are always delivered in real-time, also to the accounting system.

Full overview for the payment approver

  • Send supplier payments for approval
  • Approve supplier payments directly from your phone
  • No file uploads to and from your accounting system and your bank
  • No logging in to online banking
  • Approve payments on the go 24/7
  • See the voucher for your payment when you want to pay
  • Streamline communications between bookkeeper and procurer

Domestic and international payments with no hidden fees

The November First payment platform gives you the lowest currency exchange price and the lowest fee, regardless of where in the world the payment is to be transferred to.

  • Payment information is verified before approval
  • Pay in 26 different currencies
  • No hidden currency margins
  • No unexpected charges

All functions from
online banking

+ many more

  • SEPA "same day" transfers
  • International SWIFT/BIC payments
  • Pay the recipient’s costs (save 50% by comparison with bank rates)
  • Automatic notification/payment receipt to the recipient
  • Support for local payment types (FIK, BACS, Giro, etc.)
  • Save payment recipient



Save time with
batch payments

November First’s payment platform works with all of the company’s systems, saving you time and money.

  • Pay invoices in different currencies with a single approval
  • Exchange rates and data are delivered in real-time
  • Import and export payments with Excel, csv or bank files


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